Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement
We use energy and spirit of our employees
to bring in a positive changein the communities that we live in.
KPIT CSR APP - Quarterly App Challenge
In today’s world of smartphones, with increasing amount of time being spent on it, KPIT’s quarterly app challenge was ideated to leverage on this affinity to smartphone. As part of our “ONE KPIT” initiative and in conjunction with our CSR efforts, we rolled out an interactive Smartphone app, “KPIT …for a better world”. The app, created in a game-like format, is meant to recognize and encourage efforts of our employees participating in community activities within and outside of the company.
The first of the challenges, CSR Volunteering challenge, was a time based challenge run globally in the month of October 2016. Employees participating in the challenge had to log their community contributions on the app to earn points. With a considerable number taking part, the challenge emerged as a successful hosting platform for KPIT’s CSR activities
With an intent of growing people’s consciousness of their surroundings and encouraged by previous challenge’s success, the subsequent Deed-A-Day Challenge looked at further stimulating employees into a month long challenge with having to act and contribute everyday through the duration of it. The challenge focused employees’ logs predominantly under community, environment and personal categories.
We broadly categorise our Employee Engagement efforts as:
Relief Work
Meeting the
In fluencers
CSR in
the US
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