Tree Plantation Programs

Tree Plantation Programs
Tree Plantation Programs
On a mission to build oxygen hubs
The Initiative

KPIT joined hands with Tree Public to help reduce carbon footprint by planting native trees best known for their properties of purifying the polluted atmosphere and providing a clean and healthy environment.

This initiative in PUNE

In the year 2014-15, KPIT in association with the Indian Army also planted 1,000 trees in Aundh Military Station, Pune.

KPIT extended this initiative with Mercedes Benz international school, Pune wherein the students from the school planted 50 trees in the premises.

KPIT sponsored Nakshtra Garden project. This is a garden built around the theme of Man, Mythology, Science and Environment. The garden provides valuable information on celestial bodies, zodiac signs and medicinal plants through various sign-boards, which adds to the knowledge of the visitors. Overall 33 ancient trees were planted.

One Tree One Child Program
KPIT started the project “One tree One child” program at Rani Lakshmibai Girl's Military School by planting 100 saplings to build a green pocket in the school premises, where families and students can relax, and enjoy nature.

We are proud to announce that each and every tree has been taken care and the survival rate is 100%

This initiative in BENGALURU

Tree Plantation at Shivanahalli
As part of Environment month celebration at KPIT, in the year 2015 we visited Ramakrishna Mission Campus, Shivanahalli to enrich the forest green cover and biodiversity in the Bannerughatta National Park area. With the advent of industrialization, IT explosion and ever growing population, Bangalore has already started losing its tag as the Garden city. Ramakrishna Mission, Shivanahalli, have embarked upon a gigantic task of enriching the environment by planting a variety of forest species of plants from Western Ghats and other forest region. Already 150+ acres of land has been converted to pure forest which stands as the evidence. KPIT in association with Youth For Seva has joined hands with Ramakrishna Mission to support this great initiative of increasing the green cover of Bangalore by planting 300 saplings wherein 50 of our KPIT’es actively participated in this initiative.

Afforestation at Nelamangala
In the month of August, KPIT Bangalore stepped into another major initiative in the focus area of environment. KPIT in association with Youth For Seva successfully completed the launch of Afforestation at Nelamangala event on 22nd August 2015. As part of afforestation initiative at Nelamangala, 20 of our volunteers actively engaged in planting of 100 saplings along with mulching and weeding of 50 already planted saplings. The project aims to conserve the environment.


Creation of oxygen hubs for increasing oxygen levels
Reduction in the ever growing temperature variations in the Pune city
Reduction in Carbon levels
Ground Water Table level retention
Increase in Bio-diversity
Encouragement to Bird Migration
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