Chhote Scientists

Chhote Scientists
Chhote Scientists
KPIT’s Flagship Initiative
Chhote Scientists: An initiative to kindle the basics of Science amongst school going children with the help of “Easy to make” & “fun to learn” Scientific toys
Chhote Scientists is a collaborative project by KPIT Technologies and Jnana Prabodhini. It is a community and social initiative to bridge the gap between text book knowledge and real life applications.
Scope of this project is to build scientific knowledge and awareness of basic science principles with simple experiments, demonstration and scientific toys, among the students from selected schools around KPIT office at Pune, Bangalore & Mumbai.
Development of scientific attitude among students
 Strengthening science fundamentals and principles
To encourage students to think beyond text books by bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and real life application.
The Initiative
Being a technology company, KPIT has a significant number of engineers, technology experts and science enthusiasts. Leveraging their experience & skills, we have designed a unique program called Chhote Scientists that aims at imparting practical education and inducing scientific thinking among school students.
Chhote Scientists was launched in 2012 by KPIT Technologies. This initiative bridges the gap between text books and real life application of scientific principles by educating children through a practical approach, thereby making science fun-to-learn. Using frugally developed scientific toys, students are taught various scientific principles primarily in the areas of electricity, motion, pressure, energy, magnetism and electronics.
Over the last four years since 2012, cumulatively this program has benefitted 10,500 students involving 2,400 employees. 800 employees participated in this initiative in FY15-16 alone, conducting sessions on six different themes. Total 40 schools are covered this year. We extended this program to 10 PMC’s schools (Pune Municipal Corporation) & 10 PCMC’s schools (Pimpri Chinchawad Mahanagara Palika). A total of 300 sessions have been conducted so far across all locations, comprising of 250 sessions at Pune, 30 at Bangalore and 20 at Mahape.
To continue with our expansion plan and to reach out to more and more children we proposed this project to the colleges to conduct Chhote Scientists programs at the school. And the pilot was conducted in Jalana College. As part of this initiative we had nearly 60 of the college students’ volunteer for our Chhote Scientists program conducting 156 session, covering 26 schools and thereby reaching nearly 7,500 children.
The figures represent the number of employees that participated in the initiative
vSolve Competition 2016
To celebrate National Science Day, KPIT Chhote Scientists team organized it’s annual event, vSolve - A problem solving competition. Students got an opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge to solve real life challenges. This was a great chance for them to take their learning to the next level.
At Pune Class 8 students were asked to purify water with the help of easily available material like sand, char coal, cotton, alum etc. Class 9 students had to increase the solar panel capacity by creating solar concentrator.
At Bangalore Students were asked to prepare “Baloon Car” with the help of given material.
Around 180 students across 35 government schools participated in the event.
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